Importance of Reporting for Managing Performance

As we have discussed on many occasions managing supplier performance is crucial to ensuring a world class supply chain. The last post looked at how  developing relationships with key suppliers plays a major role in maintaining a high performing supply chain.

Reporting is the crucial function in helping manage these key supplier relations. Reporting along your supply chain has been regularily cited by AMR as crucial to maintaining the top global supply chains. In this regard when we refer to supplier reporting this involves development of a reporting culture and process.

The top SPM vendors have a dedicated approach. To examine this we can look at the latest exclusive article from Jason Busch at Spend Matters. He identifies how the leading vendor has a 4 pronged approach to reporting;–A-Market-of-One-for-Highly-Focused-Supplier-Performance-Management-Part-1

  • Single Supplier Reporting
  • Various Suppliers across a Service
  • Single Supplier across Various Services
  • All Suppliers across All Services

A strategic approach to reporting gives your organisation the ability to develop dynamic reports that, in helping develop key supplier relationships, helps significantly improve performance. It does so through allowing a greater supply chain visibility for all parties.





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